How to Make a Shortcut on Snapchat – [Step-By-Step Guide]

How to Make a Shortcut on Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used globally. It was created in 2011 and is known for its unique feature of allowing users to send snaps, or photos and videos, that disappear after they are viewed. Users can also communicate with friends through the app’s chat feature.

In addition to messaging, Snapchat offers a range of features including filters, lenses, and geo-filters that allow users to enhance their photos and videos with fun effects and add context to their snaps with location-based graphics. Snapchat also offers Stories, a feature that allows users to share a collection of snaps with their friends for a limited time.

Snapchat has a large user base, particularly among younger generations, and is constantly evolving with new features and updates. Whether you’re looking to connect with friends, create and share content, or just have some fun, Snapchat is a great platform to do so.

In this article, we are going to discuss How to Make a Shortcut on Snapchat. Let’s start!

What are Snapchat Shortcuts?

Snapchat Shortcuts are a convenient way to quickly access your favorite Snapchat features. With just a few taps, you can create shortcuts for filters, lenses, and more, making it easy to quickly enhance your snaps and chat with friends.

Creating shortcuts in Snapchat is a simple and effective way to enhance your Snapchat experience and save time. Whether you want quick access to your favorite filters, lenses, or any other feature, the process of how to create a shortcut in Snapchat is straightforward and easy to follow.

How to Make a Shortcut on Snapchat

Create the shortcut

Creating a shortcut in Snapchat may be hidden, but the process is still simple. To get started,

Open the Snapchat app and take a snap to send via the camera. Then, tap on the blue “Send To” button to access the contacts page.

On the top panel, click on “Send To…” and a new “Create Shortcut” button will appear. Tap on this button to create a new shortcut and make your favorite filters, lenses, or other features more easily accessible.

Choose your emoji

Snapchat shortcuts not only provide quick access to your favorite features, but also allow you to personalize your groups with custom emojis.

When sending snaps, this emoji will act as the group name.

To add a custom emoji, simply click on the “Choose Emoji” button at the top of the screen and select the emoji you want to associate with the group.

To make it easier to identify your shortcuts, consider choosing an emoji that reflects the members in the group. For example, if creating a shortcut for your family, you could use the family emoji.

Select your friends

Below the emoji, you will see a list of your Snapchat friends. From here, you can choose who to add to the shortcut. The users will be grouped alphabetically in the shortcut.

To add friends, simply click on their username. A blue tick will appear next to their name to indicate they have been selected.

Once you are finished, click on “Create Shortcut” at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

How can you send a snap using a Snapchat Shortcut

How can you send a snap using a Snapchat Shortcut

The shortcut will only appear when you try to send a snap on Snapchat. It will display a list of users that you have grouped together for easier snap sending.

To use the shortcut, open the Snapchat app and take a photo using the camera. Then, click on the “Send To” button in the bottom right corner.

At the top of the page, you will see the emojis associated with your shortcuts. Click on the desired emoji to open the shortcut. To select all users in the list, tap the “+ Select” button in the top right corner.

Finally, send the snap as you normally would.

How many folks can be in a shortcut on Snapchat?

How many folks can be in a shortcut on Snapchat?

While there is no official statement on the limit of the new shortcut feature in Snapchat, it appears that you can add more than 200 users to a single shortcut. However, the app may not allow you to create the shortcut if you attempt to add more than that.

How can you get shortcuts on Snapchat?

To get the new Snapchat shortcut feature, simply update the app to the latest version. Currently, it is only available on the alpha version of the app and is being rolled out gradually. There is no way to manually trigger the update, so keep checking the app store for updates.