Do You Get Paid For Personal Time Off At Amazon? (Yes! Find Out How Much…)

Do you get paid for personal time off at Amazon?

Amazon provides its employees with a wide range of benefits, as it is one of the fastest-growing employers in the US. This includes access to necessary workplace amenities. One such benefit is paid time off.

In this article, we will explore the details surrounding paid time off for Amazon employees. This includes information on when and how employees can take advantage of this benefit, as well as how much paid time off is granted each year. Additionally, we will discuss whether any unused PTO allotments can be refunded after a certain period.

Amazon pays you time off

Yes, Amazon does offer paid time off (PTO) to its employees as part of their benefits package. PTO is designed to provide employees with paid time away from work for personal needs, such as vacation, sick leave, or personal days.

The amount of PTO an employee receives can vary based on factors such as their job role, years of service, and location. Amazon employees can typically accrue PTO throughout the year and use it as needed, subject to company policies and guidelines.

As part of their benefits package, Amazon provides full-time employees with five days of paid time off (PTO), while part-time employees receive 2.5 days. Over time, these amounts can increase, with full-time workers able to accrue up to a maximum of 15 days of PTO and part-time employees able to accrue up to 7.5 days.

If you are interested in learning more about Amazon or the details of their PTO policy, read on for further information.

What is Paid Time Off (PTO), and how can you get it?

Paid Time Off (PTO) is a benefit that some employers offer to their employees, allowing them to take paid time away from work for personal reasons. PTO typically includes vacation time, sick leave, and personal days.

To get PTO, you must be employed by a company that offers this benefit. The amount of PTO you receive can vary depending on factors such as your job role, years of service, and location. Typically, PTO accrues over time, with employees earning a certain amount of PTO hours for every pay period worked.

To take advantage of PTO, you will need to follow your employer’s policies and procedures for requesting time off. This may involve requesting time off in advance, filling out forms, or obtaining approval from your supervisor or manager.

Once your time off has been approved, you can use your PTO hours to receive pay while you are away from work.

What is Amazon’s Annual PTO?

The eligibility for paid time off (PTO) depends on the number of hours worked by an employee per week. An employee is entitled to 20 hours of PTO per year, and the amount earned increases with the duration of employment at the company.

  • For part-time employees (20-29 hours per week), the PTO is 20 hours or 2.5 days, which increases to 60 hours or 7.5 days after six years. Reduced time employees (30-39 hours per week) earn 30 hours or 3.75 days, which can increase to 90 hours or 11.25 days after six years.
  • Full-time employees working 40+ hours per week earn 40 hours or approximately 5 days, which can increase to 120 hours or 15 days after six years. The PTO accrues on a per pay-period basis and is adjusted annually. However, the eligibility requirements for paid leave may vary depending on your location, particularly in California.

Amazon’s stipendiary employees also receive paid time off, although they have slightly different working hours than hourly workers.

  • Part-time salaried workers receive 40 hours or approximately 5 days of PTO, which can increase to 80 hours or ten days after six years.
  • Stipendie workers who work less often earn 60 hours or approximately 7.5 working days, which can increase to 120 hours or 15 days after six years.
  • Full-time salaried workers earn an average of 80 hours, which increases to 160 hours or 20 days after six years.

Amazon offers another type of paid time off called “personal time,” which is a break granted to employees. Personal time is granted based on the number of hours worked.

  • Part-time employees receive 24 hours or 3 days, part-time workers receive 36 hours or approximately 4.5 days.
  •  Full-time workers receive 48 hours or approximately 6 days. Sick time is also granted to employees based on local city, state, and federal ordinances, and the amount may vary depending on your location.

For more information on employee benefits at Amazon, visit the company’s employee benefits page.

Is Amazon PTO about to expire?

Is Amazon PTO about to expire?

If you are an Amazon employee and wondering if your unused PTO will roll over to the next period, it’s important to note that Amazon doesn’t allow PTO rollover. This means that you will lose your vacation or PTO if you don’t use them by the end of the period.

In addition to PTO, Amazon employees are entitled to seven paid holidays each year, regardless of whether they are on vacation or working. These holidays are:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  3. Memorial Day
  4. Independence Day
  5. Labor Day
  6. Thanksgiving Day
  7. Christmas Day

It’s important to note that holiday entitlements may vary for Amazon employees working outside the US. You can contact your local office to learn more.

Amazon allows leaves of absence.

Yes, Amazon offers leaves of absence for eligible employees. Leaves of absence can be used for a variety of reasons, such as medical conditions, military service, personal or family reasons, and more.

The specific types of leaves of absence available and the eligibility criteria vary depending on factors such as job type and location. If you are an Amazon employee and need to take a leave of absence, you should consult with your HR representative to determine your eligibility and the procedures for requesting and taking a leave of absence.


Full-time Amazon employees are eligible for 6 days of paid time off (PTO) and up to 20 days of vacation, while part-time employees are eligible for 2.5 days of PTO. Additionally, employees who have worked with Amazon for six years or more can receive up to 15 days of PTO per year.